Hugh RobertsHugh Roberts has spent over forty years in planning, design and development consultancy for new towns and urban, industrial and regional infrastructure. He has lived, as well as worked, in all six continents with clients and project colleagues from many nationalities, characters and humours. He is a graduate of the Universities of Oxford and Wales. Fractured Society…Causes, Effects and Resolutions is his third book with the common denominator between each being an international perspective. An Urban Profile of the Middle East, published by Croon Helm in 1979 and re-issued in 2016, did what it said on the cover. Journeys with Open Eyes: Seeking Empathy with Strangers, ( by i2i Publishing in 2017, was a travel biography, including perceptive observations about the people involved in urban master-planning for new towns and their infrastructure worldwide.

Hugh continues to do advisory work with a range of his former, full-time professional colleagues and lives in London with his wife Sylvie. They have two adult children, Mark and Shân and two granddaughters to date, Lola and Manon.

He is currently a Director of the Society of Authors and continues to travel widely for pleasure as well as urban project assignments.